Abous Us We provide “A one stop equestrian shop”. Natal Saddlery is a two outlet equestrian shop, providing an extensive range of equestrian products, we have the following to offer:

  • All Horse and rider essentials
  • A variety of horse feeds
  • Dog, Cat and other Small animal and fowel feeds
  • All seasonal fodder, Eragrostis, Red Grass, Veld Grass, Oat Hay, Teff and Lucerne to mention some
  • On Site leather and tack repairs
  • Proffesional Saddle fitting and support
  • Veterinary Supplies and Supplements
  • The manufacturing of specialised items and embroidery
  • Delivery within the local radius
  • Gifts and trinkets for all age groups

Should you have any queries at all we are dedicated to supplying all items and assisting with any queries.