Kintbury Dressage




The Kintbury saddle can be made on trees to suit warmbloods, standard or more thoroughbred types.

All the trees used can be fitted with the ‘Wellup’ adjustable stirrup bars at a small extra cost.

The front girth strap can be sewn to a point web or a web set just under the stirrup bar to suit the anatomy of each individual horse. If used on the point web, this strap can be fed through a loop at the bottom of the panel so that it is straight down from the point, helping to hold the saddle back off of the shoulder.

The knee blocks are firm enough to give support but soft and giving for the rider’s comfort.

The flaps can be made shorter or longer as suits your height and leg length. The Kintbury saddle places you in an excellent riding position with security but without ‘locking’ you into the saddle.

The leathers used for this saddle are pre softened Memmel for the skirts and flaps with either grain or suede finish doeskin for the seat and knee grips. The saddle is instantly comfortable to sit in – no ‘breaking in’ needed.

The welt (piping) on the seat of the saddle is a deep Burgundy colour, with gold and Burgundy saddle nails completing the smart look of the Kintbury saddle.

The panels are wide with a large bearing area for the horse’s greater comfort and a superior fit. The panels are flocked with best quality white wool.

The panels will take the ‘Flair’ air flocking system¬†comfortably. The large bearing area allows the Flair system to work really well.

When ever possible, always use a Registered SMS Qualified saddle fitter to measure for and fit your Kintbury dressage saddle.


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